Happy Birthday Chrome

That’s right! Chrome is now 10 years old! I remember being in college and seeing Chrome. I will also admit that I wasn’t an early adopter of this product. We all make mistakes. Now Chrome updates regularly, but the new update is amazing! Jazzing it up! Google decided to change the look across the entire […]

Google Mobile Apps

Pie Day

Welcome to Pie Day! As of the writing of this article Android 9, otherwise known as Android P (Pie), is available! Google has stated that it will be an operating system that works for you! Adaptive Battery and Adaptive Brightness Android Pie will learn from you and adapt you your usage patterns. Think of it […]

Google Mobile Apps

Stay on top of your day

Google has announced proactive suggestions and personalized information offered to you in the Google Assistant! This will help create a snapshot of your information. Google is having this information be based on the time of the day, location, and your recent interactions with the Assistant. It is supported in all languages offered in the Assistant […]

Google Mobile Apps

Do More with Google Pay

Since Google consolidated the Android Pay into Google Pay, I’ve been experimenting with it from time to time. I’ve used it at conferences, at IKEA (with my IKEA Family card programmed in), at Panera Bread, and a few other places here and there. It’s fun and easy to use for me. With that said, I […]

Amazon Smart Homes

Hospitality with a voice

As a kid, I didn’t get to stay in hotels too often. It was a treat for us to use one. This made me have a “El Dorado” like approach to them. They were always an adventure. I grew up and found why we didn’t visit hotels as often as we could. To stay at […]


Google Home – Mini Golf Edition

The Google Team is at it again! LAst week in New York, they unveiled the Google Home Mini Golf Course. Check out the footage!   These courses are made for summer fun for the family! It features different rooms in a house and related Google Home Family products. There are challenges in each room, and […]