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For the past six months I have been kicking around an idea. Well not so much an idea, as a need. The need, Total Home Automation/better tech at home.

Now my wife has to deal with a ton of my “nerd” habits. She is dragged to every early showing of my comic/fantasy movies. She has stood in line with me for 2 hours to meet stars, purchase a “nerd” thing, and even watch me geek out talking to Will Wheaton. Game nights have changed as she watched me build a “Table Top” type gaming table.

Yet for once she wanted this Need like I did.

Enter OnHub:

During my research I found a new type of router. Now most of you have a router at home. Either from your Internet Provider or from the one that was on sale at the store.

These routers are great and all, but they are antiquated. What do I mean?

Does your family deal with the “slowness” of their item (phone/computer/etc)? plenty of my clients had this issue.

So I did my research. I took my time and tested it. Finally I did it. I replaced my Router with the OnHub Google Router. I will state this: I AM NEVER BUYING A DIFFERENT ROUTER. Ahem…now why?

Now with the circular antennae, my house (and most of my clients) no longer need a WiFi extender. One of my clients was having huge speed issues. His wife was on the other side of the house and they had to have two extenders to give her a minimal signal.

He and I talked and he got the TP-Link version of the router. I came over and set it up. Now every place in his house has 5 bars of WiFi without extenders. Once a week he use to express how slow his network was running. Now, all he does is praise how fast it is.

I own the ASUS version, and for one reason. I like setting priority devices within my house.The ASUS model allows me to do this with a wave of my hand over the router.

Each Router is run via the GoogleOn app. In the app you can see who is on your network, set up priority devices, and even set up a guest WiFi account (mine is called “hideyokidshideyowifi”). In the guest network I can set up devices that run on my network to share with guest…like my TV to Chromecast.

This router is amazing and if you can float the 190$ tab for either, I strongly suggest ditching your old router and buying one of these.

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