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I know a lot of people love Swype texting. If you are an iOS user, you never had the ability…UNTIL TODAY!

Meet the Gboard app from Google.

This is an awesome addition to the normal keyboards for iOS.

There are a few major things to see.

It is a normal keyboard.
This is a normal keyboard that you can use for yourself like normal.  But now you can use the Swype feature.

You can use Google to web search places, things and gifs immediately

This is huge. No more opening a different window and searching for files or webpages. You can now instead just pull it up in the keyboard itself. Just click the G icon and away you go.

Some drawbacks.

Since Apple doesn’t let third party keyboards to offer access to the microphone, you can’t use diction. Nor can you use Siri’s diction.

Other then that, it is an awesome app and idea.

I downloaded this morning and already do not miss my diction ability.

Google On!



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