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One of my favorite things to do during my week is to test a few different apps/programs. Some work, many fail (seriously if you saw the list you’d go a little blind) but overall I find and use different tools.

My goal is always to become a more proficient “tech-head,” or as most would call me nerd. I embrace this term and love it, because unlike what Beyonce says…Nerds rule the world. But I digress.

Last week I was introduced to Spaces by Google. Google created an app that enables people to share anything around any topic together. Now being a person that Google’s Suite of Tools, I smiled when I saw this app.

Much like the Gboard App, Spaces allows people to find and share anything (videos, images, articles) without leaving the app. Chrome, YouTube and Google Search are automatically built into it just like Gboard:


Yes this is something else that will send you notifications whenever something new comes into the topic/space. Conversation view lets you see the space without missing a beat (a lot like Gmail):


And like the Gboard for iPhone, you can search even faster:


Now Google has said that this is available for all Gmail addresses (for my Google for Work users, your Admin has to unlock Spaces for you. I have both a personal and business Gmail so trust me I know).

So go out and start having fun with this app! Get your Space on!

Google on!

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