Some Google Now Features

Google Now, the best companion I turn to…except for texting (Siri is still my girl there).There are many things It can do for you.

Yesterday my boss pulled me in to show me a feature he had found on Google. I thought it was awesome because he found it without me After talking to him though I decided to send out some cool tips for Google Now.

Shall we begin?

Use Google Now for Time To Destinations
Google now will tell you how long it will take to get somewhere if you have the address added to your calendar. For Home and Work commutes, just enter your addresses.


The simple question to ask Google now is “Google, how long will it take me to get to X?” Google will show you how long it takes.

Follow Stocks and Sports
Not going to lie…this one I do not use that much. Unless it is NHL Playoff Season. You can program in your favorite teams and stocks and just ask Google Now “Google, how are the Cardinals Doing?


Travel with Ease
Google can find you flights and even give you advice on how to get a cheaper flight (try it out). You can track your flight, find hotels, car rentals, and of course finding anything near. Ask some simple questions “Google, when will my flight land?” , “Google, what is close around to eat?”


Track your walking
If you have Location Reporting and Location History enabled, a pop up card will appear once a month that says how far you have walked or biked. I haven’t been able to try this, because it is an Android only exclusive.


Go Shopping
Google Now can Track your packages, it will even tell you if something is available close by or online. “Google, where is my package?”


Access tickets
If you have tickets to a show, and they were emailed to you, Google Now will remind you, tell you when to leave and give you a one tap access to your ticket.


Ask It Anything!
Seriously, try anything. Check out the picture below:


If this helps you all and you enjoy it, I can possibly make a film on it.

Until then, Google on.

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