Casting Chrome

We use Sony Bravia TV’s in our office…I believe I have mentioned that before. One of the many features it has is Google Cast.

Now I won’t bore you with the tale of my boss and I trying to set up Google Cast (TL; DR…it was already there), but since then it has become an amazing tool for our agents to use in the offices.

On Monday, Google announced that Google Cast was now built-in to Chrome.

Over the past year you have seen the New Google Chromecast and the Chromecast Audio. That and manufactors like Sony started building speakers and devices Google Cast Ready.

Now it is Fully Built into Chrome!

If you are on a site that is Cast Enabled, and you right click it in Chrome, this is what you see:

You can now click, choose cast and then choose what to cast to. (Being in an office with around 10 Cast Enabled Devices…I HIGHLY recommend specifically naming the devices).

You’ll see the Cast Icon appear and then BAM you are there!

This can also be accesses view websites that are not integrated with Cast on your TV by selecting “Cast…” from the Chrome Menu like below:

So go out and try Casting! Google Hangouts is always a fun one, of just casting your favorite music or video!

Have fun and Google On!

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