Pirates under Chrome Fire…fox

Many people I know use some sort of torrenting site. Since Napster, people have found a way to share products without paying.

Enter Pirate Bay.

This site is a commonly used site for people that torrent.

This was seen by many users of both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

You get the malware red screen warning when you visit this site now.

It does not seem as the domain is blocked yet. It seems that the site is running some malicious ads on their page.

Safe Browsing protects you from deceptive tactics that try to make you do something dangerous by clicking on it. You all know the ads and phising schemes. In February it was expanded to protect you from embedded content.

Here are some of the examples Google provided everyone of these attacks:

This image claims your software is out-of-date and tries to trick you into clicking “Update.”

A mimic of a dialogue from the FLV software developer, but it isn’t.

These buttons will produce content that the site is mimicking (highly seen on streaming sites…and torrenting sites). These you usually cannot distinguish from the rest of page.

So we will see what the pirate bay will do in the next few days. But I hope this has educated you to know the difference on some sites.

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