You’re Tripping…

Google has brought us a bunch of amazing tools over the last decade.

Today is no different.

Welcome Google Trips

Google Trips is slated as a personalized your guide in your pocket. You can plan days, reservations, things to do, food and drinks.

But what about data and wifi? The best feature it has is the ability to “Download” each trip and use it offline!

Instead of tour books or convoluted guides, Trips wants you to choose your own adventure. Right now there are over 200 cities in the world where you can make different itineraries.

Popular sights, and attractions are at your fingertips. You can choose multiple day plans and head out.

You can search for suggestions too. Press the “+” button in the days plans to jump to a map that shows close attractions. Tap a pin to an attraction you want, and Trips will build an itinerary around it! If you want more options, choose the “magic wand” button to display more sights. With each tap of the magic wand your itinerary is updated!

It even keeps track of all your reservations too. It will gather details from your GMAIL and organize individual trips, so you don’t have to hunt through all your emails!

It’s available today on Android and iOS…go get it!

Google On!

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