Google controls many things in all of our lives. I for one is actually completely happy about this fact. Big Data is here…deal with it.

Back in May, Google talked about Allo and today it showed itself.

This is Google’s new smart messaging app for both Android and iOS. Now I am one of the people to jump on and try a bunch of different things, so I of course dove into Allo this morning at 5am.

One of the cool things that I love about this app is the Smart Reply that you see above.

Many of us are lazy, there is no sugar coating it. So Allo knows this and tries to help you with Smart Reply. Here is something freaky…the Google AI starts learning what you like to do and say and format to it. But wait that’s BIG DATA…(your iMessages and other messaging apps do this too…).

If you have used something like SnapChat or other messaging apps, then you have seen stickers and drawing on images before…now Allo has it for you too. Personally look up “Sloth Riding a Pizza.”

One of the things I have been playing with all day is the new Google Assistant. But this is only the preview edition…and is only in English as of now.

You can bring Google into any conversation by just typing @google and then your question…(see above).

Some of the things you can do with this are:

  • Make Plans – Add destinations, videos, movies or even flights and hotels.
  • Get Answers – I love asking @google questions and see what I get.
  • Have fun – I’ve been challenging people to emoji games all day…try it!

We are promised that the Assistant will be showing up in other products, and I for one cannot wait. Google is famous for testing something in one place and bring it to many others.

People always worry about privacy, and Allo does this for you. Like Chrome you can chat in Incognito mode. Each Chats are also encrypted using TLS (Transport Layer Security).

One thing that is challenging is getting other onto it. For iOS when you send a message they also get a lionk to download the app. In Android, you will get an app preview message.

So go and give Allo a try. If not just for messaging people…at least for the Google Assistant.

Google On!

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