A Smarter Suite

October 4th is quickly arriving. For those not in the know, October 4th is Google’s live Event.

With this event coming quickly on us, Google has been getting ready.

At work, we use Google Apps for Work. This product has been around for 10 years (and was Google Apps for Your Domain before that).

This suite of tools include Gmail, Calendar, Drive and many more.

Today Google renamed them: G Suite.

With this update to the Suite of tools, they are aiming to make it more of a real-time collaboration tool for everyone. They even had their illustrators make some cool gifs that I have featured below.

“All together now” by Matt Blease
“Great ideas happen outside the office” by Josh Cochran

The information you have will flow freely between devices, apps, people and teams. They say “Imagine the future of your business, if this was how it could be…”

“Meet face to face in any place” by Jean Jullien

With all the excitement for October 4th, Google has also been showing and explaining how they are going to make the G Suite apps Smarter.


Quick Access in Drive on Android (Sorry iOS) will make the most relevant files to the work you’re doing easily accessible. Machine intellegance gathers the rythmn of your work day and what you are working on to offer you the files you need even before you say!


A big hassle I have found is trying to read everyone’s schedules when making meetings. Machine intelligence in Calendar will help you easily find a time and when invitees are free! It will even suggest times across the group(When you have a long list of people) and where the easiest resolutions can be found!


The biggest issues with spreadsheets (or so I find) is knowing the exact formula you want to use (ever try adding a hyperlink to spreadsheet? I have and it is long). Now with Explore in Google Sheets, you can simply enter your question using your natural language and it will use Natural Language Processing to translate your question into a formula and offer an instant answer! Personally…this one is my favorite, and not just because I hate meetings, I just hate memorizing Formulas.


Explore was introduced into Sheets a year ago. Now Google is opening it up to Docs with Explore in Docs. This will enable you to find a related documents in Drive, so you aren’t switching between apps as much.


Guess what? Explore is in Presentations too with Explore for Google Slides! It enables you to add content to your presentation and really make it shine. No more hunting through different sites and apps! W00t!

Best thing? Since this is Machine Intelligence and Learning, the intelligent features will continue to learn and improve over time! Not to freak anyone out, but even if you think this is skynet…this is amazing! I am all for working Smarter and Faster.

So with the October 4th Event around the corner, Google seems to be ramping up for something bigger and better. What a great time to be alive!

G Suite is looking more polished and amazing then before, I personally can’t wait to see what else they have for us on the 4th!

Google On!

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