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Today was the Google October 4th event.

One of the best things announced today is the Google Assistant.

Google is focusing on mixing their software and their hardware. Their main push is to have a better integration and learning between the two.

Enter AI or Machine Learning and the Google Assistant.

Google spent a good bit of time showing off the ability to hold an actual conversation with Assistant.

You can ask it anything. Flight status, Translations, weather, and anything you can think of. Ask it.

You can tell it to play jazz in the house, (paired with Home) turn off the lights, set alarms, send messages and other things.

It is in Allo, on the new Google Home, on the New Pixel Phone, on your Android Wear, and even in your car.

Two product I mentioned are the Pixel and Google Home.

Pixel is Google’s new phone fully integrated with the Assistant inside it.

Google Home is the home assistant with Assistant already plugged in. Think of it as a contender with Alexa. (Personally I already preordered mine…anyone wanna preorder me a Pixel?)

Google has been hiding and getting ready for the Assistant with subtle hints an placement. Many Android users have noticed over the past few weeks the new things added to your apps and Google Now. Google Allo introduced us to this AI Assistant.

I look forward to it. Now just to wait and see what happens!

Google On!

"Have you ever tried to count Hyperactive Children, while someone yells random numbers in your ear? Well that is what it is like in my head all day!" Trevor is apart of the robot revolution to slowly take over the human occupants of this Earth. By day Trevor is your above average Tech worker, tending his servers (Anton, Deckard, Anakin, Dimitri,and Scotty), and herding his 450+ employees. Yet at night...he sleeps, or as much sleep as he can get. Ideas always forming in his head with each new marvel and innovation to arrive. Each thing helping him to decide to help his robot overlords more and more. Trevor holds a few different designations: -Google Certified Administrator -Microsoft Technology Associate -Microsoft Specialist: Configuring Windows Devices -Microsoft Certified Professional -Microsoft Office Specialist He loves reading, working on SMART homes, and writing about his passion for Google products and innovations. He and his wife live with their 2 dogs and 3 cats in their quiet little beach town. Feel free to reach out to him!

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