fee…Fi…fo…fum. I smell phone plans at a decent sum.

Google does many things, I have written spoken on this many times (You all can’t see but I’m pointing to all my other post right now).

Project Fi is Google’s attempt at doing a pre-paid cellular service. All is added to your phone via a SD card (which you can easily add to the Pixel for Free!)

Google has partnered with T-Mobile, Sprint, US Cellular and international provider Three to give you more 4G LTE towers for faster speeds. Now usually your phone already does this, but just for your network. Google accesses which network is best.

You can also use WiFi if there is no mobile network to easily access or when at home to save you on data. You can also use your phone as a WiFi hotspot from the Data-only sim card.

$20 upfront a month for unlimited Talk and Text. Then $10 per GB of data that you think you will use.

But what if I do not use it all? You will be refunded of any data you didn’t use (going towards next months bills), and if you go over? You’ll just pay the difference the next month. So Roll-Over Data and refunds…nice!

Project Fi also doesn’t charge you for international use in about 135+ different counties, with unlimited International Texting and can call back to the US using WiFi (free).


You can also add friends and family for only $15 a month.

Now as of right now Project Fi only works on the new Pxiel, the Nexus 6P and 5X, which is to be understandable. It’s a Google project, so they are keeping it on the Google Phones.

It seems like an amazing idea. I can’t wait to see more from this Project with the release of the Pixel. Check out coverage for you here.

Google on!

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