The Art of Cheesy Nostalgia…Resurgence

Years ago I started writing for a little know school paper called The Hurricane. I was a young freshman not knowing that I wanted to write (back then it was for a Newspaper which I eventually wrote for and now online to you all). All I knew is that I was tired of writing Sports Recap stories.

So the faculty adviser took a chance on me. He paired me up with the Entertainment Editor at the time and had me write what I wanted to write about. I wanted to write reviews for movies.

I choose Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla (1974).

It was an OK writing style for a kid trying to find his place and was aptly named The Art of Cheesy Nostalgia.

Over the next dozen years, through high school and college where I continued to write, I would use my position as the Entertainment Editor to write a Cheesy Nostalgia piece at least once an issue.

I reviewed some of the cheesiest Godzilla films throughout the ages (and no I do not recognize the 1997 US version).

I even had an experience where going to Godzilla 2000 in my home town was a story I still tell to this day. Basically in a nut shell, no frined, family member or girlfriend would see this movie with me. I was the only one in the movie and even the workers wouldn’t watch it with me.

Enter October 2016 and Shin Godzilla.

Toho studios decided after another US release of Godzilla, to produce their own film.

I was ecstatic and jumping for joy. That is until, once again, no friend or family member or wife would go with me.

My mood was not soured though. I purchased my ticket on Fandango…and quickly learned I was the only person whom had bought  a ticket.

Come the day of the film, I was one of 5 people in the movie.

The movie was amazing. Between Toho using rapid cuts and quick edits, you feel on the edge at each scene.

If you are use to the old Godzilla origins and stories, you begin to wonder what and how they will do it this time.

A few things stood out in the movie for me.

  1. The fixed a Law of Conservation of Mass issue for me in relation to Godzilla’s Atomic Breath.
  2. They quickly showed how Japan is still feeling issues from Post-WWII (POST-WAR) Japan.
  3. Japan is shown to be a unified front in efforts to better their country.
  4. The Japan-America relationship is shown in a different light.

None of these aspects are bad, and all make the movie an over all great experience.

I will also hint at an easy Spoiler here and now so SPOILER ALERT.

They make Godzilla a more mutable and adaptive creature then they have in the past. This makes him a scarier creature and threat and over all approve of it.

All in all, it was a great time and if you get a chance, try to see it.

I’m hoping by wiring this, I am some how high-fiving myself back in High school through the space-time continuum.

With that…GODZILLA ON!