Drive Away the Desktop App

On February 1st, 2017 the Drive App versions 1.27 and lower will stop receiving service from Google. They are stopping all service for and Drive Desktop App older then 1 year.

To make sure you are kept up-to-date by clicking on the Drive for Mac/PC menu.

Next Click on the three-dots icon.

Then click onĀ About.

If your version is 1.27 or lower, after February 1st, 2017 you will not longer be able to sync files between Google Drive and local storage using the Google Drive Desktop App.

Google has announced that over the next few weeks they will be sending 1.27 and lower users proper guidance on the appropriate migration path.

I’m kinda excites me.

People need to move to cloud storage and usage. Keeping files stored on a computer and then uploading them is OK, but it ties you to one computer. Versus using the cloud and you can use any device…like me. Think about it and then give it a try. I’m sure you’ll see the benefits for it.

Google On!