Flash to Your Goals Faster

As I have talked about time and time again, Google is all about making things faster.

Since the update to G Suite, there have been many tools and tricks to try. Without wasting time, here we go!

1.Action Items

Action Items are like what you see in the example about. By using Natural Language Processing (NLP), Docs will suggest an Action Item based on what you type.

“Assign Chris to Scheduling Cats” will pop up the Action to choose to Add Chris to this task. The assignee will get an email notification and see the Action Item when they open the email.

It will be highlighted with a blue bar when they open it.

2. Action Items for Attention

Once assigned you will see a badge on your files to take action. Both in the Mobile App and Desktop.

3. Smarter Forms

NLP will also be available in Forms. Type in “Day’s available next week?” and it will automatically assume you want a checkbox.

They also added the “File Upload” question type. Respondents can now upload files from Drive or Computer, which will be collected in a new Drive Folder. Note: This feature is only available for G Suite customers in Forms Shared within your organization.

4. New Voice Commands

Last year they introduced how to type hands free. Over the next few weeks they will also try to incorporate customizing content such as text color, deleting words and other ways.

All of these things have been rolling out slowly and when fully integrated will make you work Smarter and Faster!

Google On!