Jam out!

A long long time ago, I was a teacher. Yes, let that sink in. I’ll wait…

We good? OK.

Now my classroom was on the forefront (so like three years behind) in technology.

I had touch screen computers, my entire class was online, you could see my labs recorded and watch at home if sick or need re-watching, I was on twitter posting assignments, and a bunch of other things.

Google Drive was my life then, as much as it is now. Everything was online and I could always share it and show it at any given moment.

One thing I loved was my SMARTBoard. Basically it was a whiteboard that I could electronically write on. It’s main drawback was plugging it into a computer.

I always wanted something special and different.

Say hello to Jamboard

This is a collaborative, digital whiteboard that makes it easy to share and collaborate.

Everyone logs onto the Jamboard, so you can use your team and only them, or you can logon remotely via the companion App.

Once there, you and your team can use G Suite to pull in Sheets, Docs and Slides. You can even pull in photos you have in drive or pull in info directly from the web. A cool addition is to add sticky notes from anyone joined it to get notes and ideas easier.

Jamboard also has stencils and intelligent features like handwriting and shape recognition (because lets face it…thanks to computers our handwriting is horrible).

How many times have you returned to an erased whiteboard? Jamboard stores online in Google Drive, so just pick up where you last left off. Now your ideas continue on even after the meeting ends.

It is a 55-inch 4k display with best-in-class touch response. It houses a built in HD camera, speakers and WiFi, and BAM you have an easy collaboration Hangout.

The stylus and eraser are two great additions. Neither require batteries or pairing! You can also use your finger just like you would on a normal whiteboard…without all the mess!

One of the best features I have seen for this product is the single-cable setup. Since Jamboard is on wheels, it can move with you wherever you go!

As of right now it is not for purchase yet. Usually a SMARTBoard is close to $10k, Jamboard will be slightly cheaper at around $6k. A hefty price, but manageable.

If interested in being an Early Adopter, you can click here and submit a form for more info on their website.

I am interested to see how this products works. I am also glad to see a newer sleeker type of smart whiteboard, but now for the business world too.

Google On!