Earth to Google

Back in 2013 Google released Google Earth Timelapse. This was one of my favorite tools at the time to tell my students and friends about. Today Google did one of the biggest updates yet. You can now g... Read More

Ocean Coding

Every year we get’s Hour of Code Initiative. Personally, I love it. My bosses children tried the Star War’s: The Force Awakens version last year. This year, you get to explore the... Read More

Destroy the Scanner!

I work in photos. All day. Non-stop. I am the tech guy/photo guy. One of my jobs is to make sure everything looks amazing online. The image is everything. With that said, I have a certain affinity and... Read More

Tango for You?

As of November 1st, 2016, Google’s Tango has finally arrived! What is Tango you ask? Well it is Google’s Smartphone augmented reality system! It is available on their phone the Lenovo Phab... Read More