Destroy the Scanner!

I work in photos. All day. Non-stop.

I am the tech guy/photo guy. One of my jobs is to make sure everything looks amazing online. The image is everything.

With that said, I have a certain affinity and love/hate relationship with most photo apps. Either they are good but not great, or just out right horrible.

Honestly don’t get me started on the rectangle photos either…but I digress.

So of course as you know I love Google and their apps. With the advent of the Pixel and unlimited Google Photo storage, I kept waiting for this next announcement.

Meet Photo Scan by Google Photos.

You can now take and scan your photos easily and quickly with this app.

That’s right, no more scanners! w00t! I mean let us be honest…we all have a pile of old photos…


They shouldn’t be stored in bad places. Use that portable scanner you have in your pocket. Stop taking pictures of pictures…and backup your memories!

Glare-free since they aren’t pictures of pictures and unlimited storage..what could be better?

So go forward and make those albums and organize yourself!

Google On!