Tempting New Plates on G Suite

Today Google announced something that we all have had in Word and other Microsoft programs forever.

Welcome Templates for Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms!

This was something that G Suite Apps seemed to be missing, but honestly it made me force myself to become more and more creative.

Check out Google’s walk-through:

So now we can share templates between your co-workers so that you can customize and adapt as needed. Yet another way that G Suite is trying to be Faster and Stronger.

Google does advise that if you turned off templates remember to turn it on via the Admin console (Apps >G Suite >Drive and Docs >Templates)

Just like with other items in G Suite, you can turn on the ability to have templates approved.

The old templates gallery will eventually be shut down eventually in 2017. Google assures users that it won’t be before February 1st, 2017. They also let admins have access to this roll out today, but end users will have this scheduled for starting on December 7th.

Again this is awesome! The templates I love to use can be sent to my co-workers and no longer will I be the holder of the templates!

Google On!