‘Tis the Season

Try keeping the Magic alive this year with your children. You can checkout the Google Santa Tracker App, or you can even use the Desktop Site. It is a great way to keep you and your children smiling a... Read More

Welcome GBoard Android

So Gboard has been on iOS for a little while now. So today, as I get ready to switch to Android, I am please to announce that it is on Android too! For those not familiar with the GBoard, let me break... Read More

The Force Joins Allo

If you do not know “Rogue one: A Star Wars Story” is coming out December 16th. Google loves working with the movies and giving us what we want. So Starting today you can get the exclusive ... Read More

Get Your GAME On

Today’s topic is going to be a little deep. What is one of everyone’s biggest fears online? Getting “Hacked,” of course but usually it more likely that you will get Phished. Th... Read More

Circular Calculations

Today Google is launching Iterative calculation in Google Sheets. In other words they are trying to prevent errors that we get when performing complex calculations. Inside Google Sheet follow these s... Read More


I live in Florida, home of the Hurricane, the Venomous Snakes, the Giant alligator and the ever present Florida Man. Now I have dealt with this forever. Hurricane days equals kite flying for me. When ... Read More