I live in Florida, home of the Hurricane, the Venomous Snakes, the Giant alligator and the ever present Florida Man.

Now I have dealt with this forever. Hurricane days equals kite flying for me. When other members of my family and friends move here, they always panic. Rightfully so too, they aren’t use to these treasures like I am.

So when this happens, we all see the Facebook status of “I’m OK,” during a disater.

Google wants to take it one step above that.

Meet Trusted Contacts.

This Android only (You can sign up for iOS updates) will let you have your family find you in an emergency.

If you want to share out your location to a trusted person, send it. IF you want people to track you, send it.

What if your like me and sleep through most natural disasters? Members can ask for your location. And as an added feature, if you don’t respond to this request in 5 minutes, your location is automatically shared with them!

My family is notorious for forgetting to answer text messages or something else. The app lets others see if your phone has detected movement recently or if the battery is critically low.

This is an amazing product and I can’t wait for more people to grasp it!

Google On!