On Hub to Wifi

I have been using Google’s OnHub for about a year now.

I have loved it and even written about it here.

Yesterday I got the message that OnHub was becoming Google Wifi…and I couldn’t be happier.

Here are a few awesome things about this change:

  • Google Wifi now makes a mesh network. This means they want you to be able to link and bridge the routers together to get the best stregth and signal throughout your house.

  • Control your family. You can pause the internet to your children’s devices or even your spouses. This enable everyone to have a great and easy dinner.

  • They kept device Prioritization. This means you can make your streaming device the most important device and it gets the most data.

  • Instant share the WiFi┬ácode to your friends. I hate telling everyone my Wifi code…now I can just send it to them so they can copy and paste.

  • They kept the ability to see who is on your network. Big sell point for me when I originally bought this. I monitor my network daily and kick people off if they aren’t suppose to be there.

  • Know your speed. With the ush of a button you can still know your WiFi speed. I do this about twice a day.

  • Add on Admins. When I am out of town I have a dog sitter. I have spoken about being half a state away and editing my network, now with the new update I can give them the ability to work around and in my network like an Admin.

  • Control your smart home. Big selling point! You can control your Phillips Hue lights directly from the router now!

Amazing new update for this already amazing product. One better thing is that I don’t have to buy an entire new Google WiFi router, my OnHub talks directly to it and is integrated in!

Google On!