The Drive Behind Switching

I am truly lucky. I work for a great organization that lets me grow as an individual and as a person in Tech.

Jokingly I call my boss “My Master” and I his “Padawan.” It’s a Star Wars thing…and we are both nerds so it helps.

The day the Pixel was released I wrote to him telling him:
“My Master, I have felt a great disturbance in the Force. It’s a Calling I haven’t heard in a long Time. The Android Side is calling…”
To which his response was perfect:
“You, like your Master, know it to be true. Come back to the Android Side and together you and I can rule the Galaxy!”
I responded with a gif of Luke Skywalker screaming “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”
His response:
“Insulant fool. If you will not join us, you will be destroyed before the power of Android!”

Yeah, I love what I do. In the office, I am known as the MAC Guy, while he is the Windows guy. Yet over the past 3 years, I have moved away from MAC’s. I’ve gotten Microsoft Certified, and here I write more about Android Features then Apple features.

So with that, I am moving back to Android as of the first of the year.

But wait…I’m a hardcore iOS user. What will I do?

Android is expecting many to switch to Pixel’s so they have made this easy to follow set up:

  •  Get Google Drive

Download Google Drive for iOS and sign-in with your Google Account. If you already have it installed..make sure it is updated.

  • Back up your stuff

Go to Menu>Settings>Backup. Choose what you want to be backed up and click “Start Backup”. If you have a lot, this can take a few hours. Make sure you are on WiFi.

  • Sign into your new Android Device

Sign into your Google Account on your Android. Make sure it is the same account. Also, don’t forget to turn off iMessage on your old iPhone.

That is all it takes!

Google On!