More Blocked Attachments

Gmail already restricts .exe, .msc and .bat files, no name a few. As of February 13th, 2017 add another to the list, .js files. If you try attaching any of these files, you will get this in-product wa... Read More

Just One Today

There are a bunch of hidden tools in Google. I mean seriously, when I go down the rabbit hole of what is out there, it just keeps going. Take today’s find as an example: Google One Today. To put... Read More


In November G Suite allowed DocuSign to be a part of the Recommended for G Suite Programs. For those who are not familiar with DocuSign, it is an easy way to fast-track signatures with multiple signer... Read More

Better Maps Uber Service

Google introduced ride share services mode to Google Maps over a year ago. Now since then, there have been minor updates. Now they are rolling out an updated ride services experience. Why you ask? to ... Read More

OK Google…on TV?

Since the 5th of October, 2016…I have watched and waited. Google announced the Pixel and Pixel XL. I felt a calling that I haven’t felt in a while…the Android side was calling. Now a... Read More

If This Then That

One of the biggest Holiday sales this year was Amazon Echo and Google Home. Since my household is a little weird…I have both…and a Dot. Now I love both of them and I enjoy using both for d... Read More


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As of today I am actually switching back to Android on the Pixel (w00t) and it seems to be at a great time. Newer versions of the G Suite Tools (Docs, Spreadsheet and Slides) apps now have better supp... Read More

Eye See You

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Happy New Year! So I got back from my vacation in Vegas one week too soon. That is right, I messed up and was there a week before CES :(. So with the plethora of amazing tech coming at us, I found my ... Read More