Eye See You

Happy New Year!

So I got back from my vacation in Vegas one week too soon. That is right, I messed up and was there a week before CES :(.

So with the plethora of amazing tech coming at us, I found my newest one that I love.

Welcome CES 2017 Best Innovation…EyeQue

Now before I begin, let me explain. Over the holidays I got to see my father and his wife. As we walked around Disney Springs, my wife and step-mom talked about Vision Works and their Eye Scanner. My wife, needing new glasses, jumped on this…until I found out our insurance doesn’t help at Vision Works.

Fast forward to today.

I am glued to all the new CES announcements. Low and behold, EyeQue comes across my feed.

Now as I write this at 4pm EST on January 4th, the Kick Starter had only 7 hours left.

EyeQue helps you scan your eye in a matter of seconds. This enables you to get what prescription you need to take to the lens makers ASAP.

There are the four reasons they say to use the product:

  • It is Accurate

It is in-home and able for you to get your order in ASAP.

  • It is Accessible

How many of us hate taking the time to go to the doctor? Now you can do this anywhere.

  • It is Affordable

Trust me, I backed it, it is cheaper then going to lunch with my wife and my ridiculous appetite.

  • It is Insightful

You can take your vision into your hands and track your vision online and in app. So you can watch when your eyes are slowly degrading.

All-in-All this is a must have for anyone with eye wear!

Why are you still reading?


Go now and back this Device.


and Google On!