As of today I am actually switching back to Android on the Pixel (w00t) and it seems to be at a great time. Newer versions of the G Suite Tools (Docs, Spreadsheet and Slides) apps now have better support.

Page setup in Google Docs and image support improvement in Sheets to just bluntly say it.

You can now change paper size, orientation and page color in Docs on Android. In Sheets you can use IMAGE function to view images inside cells! The second is more amazing to me but bot hare great!

EPUB and ODF Support on Android.

One format I have always had problems trying to find the perfect editor/reader (that isn’t a Kindle) is Open Document Format (ODF) and E-Book (EPUB).

Docs now supports both these files and Open Document Text (ODT) format. You can also import and export Open Document Spreadsheets (ODS) in Sheets and Open Document Presentations (ODP) in Slides.

Google has noted that these features are only available when the device is online. When offline you will get an error dialog that reads “Data connection needed to open this file type.”

A good day to switch!