Advanced Verification

Last June, Google introduced phone prompts for 2-step verification. This was a simple prompt that enabled users to just click “YES” that they were indeed logging in. Starting this week you... Read More

Rotate Your View

On thing that always bothered me about Google Sheets was non-rotational text. Today though, they have fixed it. With the cell highlighted choose Format >Text Rotation. You can now save some space ... Read More

Get in the Cells

Google Sheets on the Web now let’s you create a “table of contents” for your spreadsheet. You also can now direct others to specific content within the spreadsheet and retain links t... Read More

New Favorites…

When I got my Pixel, I was graciously invited to be a part of Google Maps Contribute. In other words I was asked to be a Google Local to help people around my area to know what is good. I must admit, ... Read More

Bring the Videos

If you ever store videos in Google Drive, they have always been a pain to deal with when trying to insert them anywhere else. As of today you can now easily insert them into Google Slide like you woul... Read More

More Power

We use G Suite tools, with that said we have Google Admin to help us manage everything. As of today Google decided to give us some great news. They are now giving us critical controls and visibility w... Read More