Time just got real in Maps

In Google Maps on Android (sorry iOS), updates are rolling out helpful everyday info for your every day commute.

Say what?

Well, lets tour it together:

At the bottom of your home screen you can now find nearby restaurants, beat traffic or catch a bus. As you scroll up you’ll see a few tabs. Under the Places Tab, you’ll see a quick list of “Best places” “Cheap food” etc in relation to your current location. You can even search ATMs, gas stations and other things. Check out images, read reviews and get a lay of the land.

In the Driving Tab, if you have Home and Work saved, you’ll see real-time ETAs to these destinations. You’ll also see nearby traffic conditions reports and expected delays.

In the transit tab, you’ll see a recommendation for which bus or train to take (as long as you have Home and Work saved) when the next one’s coming and an ETA when you’ll arrive home or at work. If you are heading somewhere different, you can swipe down to find nearby transit stations with real-time schedules.

So wherever you are, Google Maps is trying to make it easier on you. Keep on the look out for all updates coming.

Google On!