New Favorites…

When I got my Pixel, I was graciously invited to be a part of Google Maps Contribute. In other words I was asked to be a Google Local to help people around my area to know what is good.

I must admit, I am always reviewing and editing things. In Amazon, on TripAdvisor, and now in Google and Google Maps.

Now I can create list of places and share these list with others of my favorite spots to anyone around!

It is pretty easy too. I open Google Maps, find a place I like and click “Save.” I am then asked if I want to add it to one of the several pre-set lists like “Want to Go” or “Favorite.” I can even edit and name it myself if I really want.

I can even hunt down my list by looking at “SAVED.” And on the map you’ll see an icon designating that it is a favorite place and nearby.

You can even share easy to view pre-made list like “Best Tampa Bay Areas” simply by clicking on the list and choosing to “SHARE” it out to them. They can then choose to “FOLLOW” the list and pull it up whenever. Check it out in real time.

This seems to want to integrate with Google Trips and in the future I hope it does!

So go out and share those list!

Google On!