Rotate Your View

On thing that always bothered me about Google Sheets was non-rotational text.

Today though, they have fixed it.

With the cell highlighted choose Format >Text Rotation. You can now save some space and rotate the text to have a smaller cell size below it. This really helps when the result is a yes or no answer.

You can also now set your numbers as Accounting Numbers. This will help you align the currency symbols for you. Just select the cell and choose Format > Number > Accounting. Google also has now allowed better ways for numbers, decimal points and repeated characters to line up and make it simpler to analyze.

Google also enabled various thickness and double borders within sheets. Just again choose Toolbar > Borders > Border Styles.

Within the mobile app itself they have now allowed these enhanced features:

  • Support for using a mouse in the Android App.
  • View and select existing custom colors in Android App.
  • Ability to drag and drop rows and columns in the Android App.
  • Formatting suggestions in Explore in the iOS App.

These are powerful and amazing updates that put Google Sheets on par with Microsoft Excel.

Google On!