Keep It Together

Google Keep is a great function that many people at my work use, as well as my wife and I in our personal lives.

Today, Google Keep is now a G Suite core service within a domain. No worries either, if you are already a user (like myself) it has been added to existing G Suite agreements for most customers.

Core Service

Like Gmail and Drive, Keep will have the same features as a core service such as:

Additionally Google is giving G Suite Admins greater control over Keep usage in their organization. You will be able to turn the app on and off.

  1. If you currently have Google Drive enabled, your users have had access to Keep and will continue to have access. To turn it off go to the App in the Admin Console (Apps > G Suite > Keep).
  2. If not you will need to turn it ON.

End users also will get the option and amazing ability in Google Keep.

Today they can start using “Keep notepad” from the tools menu to pull up a side bar containing their notes. They can the edit those notes and drag and drop them into a Google Document.

They can then create a new note by highlighting the relevant text, right-clicking, and select “Save to Keep Notepad.” Check out below:

Awesome Addition!

Google On!