Shortcuts are good

I love a good shortcut. When my family would visit me at school, I’d use every shortcut around town. My baby sister would complain…only to then do it when she went to school! (I see you Bailey!)

Google understands this. So as of today in the U.S., they are giving us tappable shortcuts on the Google App for Android, iOS and

So with a single tap, get up-to-the-minute info. The shortcuts will be right on the home screen. Look at where to eat, shop, what to see, check if you need an umbrella and many more things!

Android users get to find translate, flights, hotels, Speed Test, currency converter and more!

Try some of the fun ones like tic-tac-toe, roll a dice, animals sounds, solitaire and always try the classic “I’m feeling curious.”

This also updates the Google Search Box.

Type in sports and BAM they know what you like and pull it up for you!

So make sure you update the Google App ASAP!

Google On!