Sharing is Caring

In December, I talked about Trusted Contacts. Those whom have followed me since I started know I don’t like to favor one Operating System over the other. Being an old Apple user and a new Pixel user, I love seeing apps that go across platforms.

Google Maps now allows you to share Locations. Check it out:

So once you hit “Share,” you’ll be able to see who you’re sharing your location with on the app. You can choose 15 minutes or “Until you turn it off.”

But what about those people that don’t use Google Maps…Google has you covered!

You can copy and paste a link and share it to them via text or email. Please note that those links are restricted to time-based location. The link will expire once the time is up.

I live rather far from most of my family, and I like to know things…like expected time of arrival. Now you can “Share Trip,” and once your trip ends…so does the sharing!

People are afraid of “Big Data,” but you shouldn’t be. Instead start shifting to Smart Data. This is one of those steps in the right direction.

Google On!