Typeface for East Asian Languages

Adobe and Google partnered up to start an open-source project to help 1.5 billion people in East Asia have a unified typeface.

Enter Source Han Serif (Adobe) or Noto Serif CJK (Google) (the CJK stands for Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages)!

Together the companies worked with agencies in Chine, Japan and Korea to design all the 65,535 glyphs in each of the seven weights, to make a total of 458,745 glyphs. I seriously can not even begin to grasp that!

Google and Adobe want to help the over a billion users have a unified typeface. Source Hans Serif Looks consistent in four East Asian Languages – Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean. It also looks consistent in Western Languages like Latin, Greek and Cyrillic (whom were derived from Source Serif).

Check out these Regional Differences:

Source Hans Serif is optimized for screen display but has a more literary and graceful flair.

You can find it as open source from TypeKit’s free library and GitHub.

Google On!