New News is God News

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I use Google News App and the Google News Site regularly. My wife actually makes fun of me because I get to know things before they hit her Facebook news feed, due to my regular checking of the site. ... Read More

Making the search easier

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So with this announcement I am kind of excited. How hasn’t searched for a job before? I remember when jobs shifted from asking in person to online asking. It was a weird switch at the time, but ... Read More

Be Internet Awesome

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I use to teach. I was good, and that isn’t just me bragging. Over the past few years, I’ve had previous students reach out to tell me that I go them ready for college. This is a big thing.... Read More

Keeping Us Safe

I lay awake at night and think about safety. But not the normal things that most think of. Yes I imagine if there was a break in at my house, or if I am ever awoken again by an animal crying and screa... Read More