Save Time with Smarter Forms

I love using Google Forms. Seriously, I mean LOVE them.

At work, I use them to gather data on over 400+ associates.

So now Google has updated some things, so lets get into them.

Intelligent response validation

I collect a bunch of data, usually stuff like First name and Last Name (and you wouldn’t believe how many times people have gotten those backwards). One of the most important things I grab is e-mail addresses. now in Forms you can add response validation.

So if you ask for an email address, Forms will suggest email validation. Or if you want a URL, it will suggest response validation for URLs.

This will be gradually rolling out over the next few weeks, so go and have fun with this feature.

Cross-domain file uploads

Normally I use to grab info for people inside my organization, but there are times I reach out to third-party vendors. Google Forms now allows users outside your domain to upload files as responses to your questions (as long as you allow cross-domain sharing in Drive). Total form upload is capped at 1 GB, with the option to increase to 1 TB.


You can now save similar settings across your forms. For example, allows collect email addresses, make questions required every time or even assign default quiz point values.

“Checkbox grid” questions

If you wanted a more complex question format over Yes or No or Multiple Choice or Simple Checkboxes…Google heard and answered! Say hello to Checkbox Grids!

Section reordering

You can now easily reorganize your questions in Forms! Google has now made it easier to reorder whole sections!

So all these updates are amazing and make Google Forms even more powerful! Go try it out today!

Google On!