Ride the Waze

Waze is now integrated with Android Auto! So if your car supports Android Auto you can use the vehicle’s in-car display, touch screens, steering wheel buttons and other console-mounted controls!

I have actually used Android Auto on a few of the rental cars that I use. It was fun, but a little uneasy to navigate. Switching between the screens was “fun,” but I really didn’t like the maps.

Now four years ago, my wife and I started using Waze (and later switched to Google Maps), and we loved it. Now I use Google Maps and she uses Waze so that we can compare times (and if my brother is in the car he uses Apple Maps and we get lost :)).

So now with the Android Auto integration with Waze, it is really nice.

Here are some of their features:

  • Navigate to frequent destinations with one tap.
  • Say “OK Google” to use voice commands inside Waze.
  • Get audio and visual alerts to keep informed of hazards.
  • Access your usual Waze Experience on the big screen.
  • Use the ETA Panel to see when you’ll arrive.
  • Still help other Wazers with a visual reporting menu.

Set up is quite easy.

  • Plug in your phone.
  • Select Waze from the Navigation.
  • Enter your destination and go!

Google wants to help everyone get somwhere safe and quick. They listened to the community and now we have Waze on Android Auto!

Google On!