Gboard iPhone Update

I’ve written about Gboard…well a few times.

With each update and new feature, I love educating and putting it out there for everyone.

As you all know, I am in a house divided. I spent years on iPhone and Apple based products and still used Google Suite of Tools.

Then the Pixel came out, and I switched Android, but my wife and friends all stayed iPhone.

So today, this is for them!

Now that iPhone is slowly catching up to Android…they get two really great updates in Gboard.

An iPhone user can now click the little G on the Gboard:

and select either Maps or YouTube! Of course this makes it easier to share directions and gunny videos.

We Android users have had it for a while, glad you iPhone users get it now too ;).

One of my favorite Gboard tools is Doodles. Here this is what it looks like:

iPhone users…you get this now!

So go out iPhone users and start using Gboard to the fullest…like we Android users have been since it came out!

Until next time!

Google On!