Manage Large Groups Better

It is of no surprise when it is said that I run major events for our brokerage.

We have around 450+ agents plus about 50+ staff members. This is between about 12 offices…so it is quite a task.

I like to use both Google Forms, Google Calendar and Google Sheets to keep track of who is coming and who has not RSVP’d.

As of today, event managers (like myself) working with groups of 200+ have greater abilities!

  • Use Google Sheets to more easily see who is attending!

Not gonna lie, I jumped with joy for this. My number one pet peeve is RSVPing. Either with a yes or a no. I cannot tell you the number of events that I have where people just show up and push past to get in. Now in Calendar on the web you can import your Guest List to a Google Sheet and view who will be there and who will not be.

  • Invite large group mailing lists reliably

If a group mailing list has been invited to a newly-created event, Calendar will automatically invite any new group members who join after the invite was sent and remove those whom leave.

With 450+ sales associates…this is amazing to have!

These two things alone have now made it easier for an Event Coordinator to effectively use Google Calendar.

Love these updates!

Google On!