True Hands-Free Calling

So I am one of the nerds out there that has booth Google Home and Amazon Echo.

Google Home stays in my main living room for everyone to use and Amazon Echo is in my bedroom for my wife to have music to sleep to.

If i never mentioned it before, I use a Pixel in my house and our company uses GSuite.

So with that, To day Google announced a cool new feature: Free Calling.

There is no set up or extra apps. You can call numbers in the U.S. or Canada.

Get in touch with your personal contacts (I code name all mine so this should be fun) or call millions of businesses thanks to Google’s extensive business listings.

One of the bigger worries is will Google recognize your voice. Yes, yes it will. So when I get home and tell it to call my mom, it knows its me and calls my mom (well that and she isn’t called Mom in my contacts). Now I may try this at other people’s houses to see if it sees me as them (insert evil laugh here).

So a pretty cool announcement today!

Google on!