Android Google Contacts get an update!

Google decided to update their Contacts App inside Android. Let’s check it out.

  • Large photos are back!

That is right, enough users complained, so Google brought them back. These photos are more vibrant and display larger. So make sure you have good pictures for your contacts!

  • Action buttons under the photo make it easier to connect

Now it is even easier to call, text, video or email a contact due to the larger buttons directly under the new picture.

  • Directory card shows directory profile information

Here you can quickly find job title’s, work numbers and office locations. This is a great thing to use when you are looking for information about business people.

  • Suggested contacts to add

This one will enable you to add contacts you deal with on a normal basis across Google Products.

  • Merge duplicates

This one is something I wished more people would do. You’ll see your duplicates and then have the “MERGE ALL” option pop up. USE IT!

  • Customized “Contacts” View

Don’t like the view you see? Just customize it. In your main list you’ll see a screen called “Customize view.” Great thing to use also.

These updates are a great thing to see and use. Wonder what other things we have coming our way…

Google On!