Let’s Get Spooky

One of the best things that I love is Cadbury Bunny Eggs…I mean Easter Eggs. I said Easter Eggs…

By Easter Eggs I mean hidden things that coders and developers leave in their products.

Google doesn’t disappoint this Halloween season.

Here are a few things to Ask your Google Assistant.

  • OK Google, what should I be for Halloween?” The Assistant will then ask a series of questions to help you find the perfect thing for you.
  • OK Google, add Halloween candy to my shopping list.” Make sure to add Cadbury Screme Eggs for me folks…I’ll wait.
  • OK Google, Scare Me.” Check the above picture to see an example of this.
  • OK Google, Let’s get spooky!” be ready for an hour long “Halloween Sounds,” music track that will also make smart lights turn on and off and takes control of TVs. Best way to get a Haunted House Experience!

These are just a fun few. There are always more, just try hunting them down!

Google On!