Google prompt primary choice

I’ve written about 2-Step Verification and the Google Prompt before.

If you are a follower of my blog you also know that my company employs 2-step verification, as well as I do.

Today Google announced that instead of having the text message sent to you as the primary 2-step method.

Now the Google Prompt will be.

Users will still be able to use Google Authenticator app, SMS, back up codes or Security Keys in addition to this. Google Prompt will just now be the default at first.

Reminder that you can change 2-Step Verification in the My Account page.

Google also wants to remind you of these key things:

  • A data connection is required to use the Google Prompt
  • iOS users will need to install the Google app in order to use the Google Prompt.
  • G Suite Enterprise domains can choose to enforce Security Keys to meet advanced security requirements.

Great stuff like always!

Google On!