Pay with Google

Google announced a new Google Payment API.

Google always wants to be faster and make you faster. Now they added the “Pay with Google” button on any mobile website in Chrome or in any Android App.

But where else can you use it? Well Google always tries to remember its roots. You can still use it with Android Pay. So store it in your Android Phone and still use it like you have!

But what about all those crazy Rewards cards that you keep in your wallet? Well keep it and gift cards in your Android phone also. Just Save to Android Pay!

Who does it work with though? Check these out:

The second half is coming soon, but we still have PayPal and the ones you are use to.

Now for the best question…where can you use it? Check these out:

I’m glad Instacart still works and can’t wait to see Airbnb and StubHub!

Great news and can’t wait for this too pick up more and expand on the already useful Android Pay!

Google On!