Welcome Amazon Key!

About two weeks ago my dad started asking about Smart Home features and Amazon Echos.

What I gave him was 3 pages of detailed explanations of each Smart Home product. I enjoyed it, and I think he is still reading it as I type this.

Today, October 25th, 2017, Amazon announce Amazon Key.

It’s pretty simple and awesome. Buy their package (if it is available in your area), set up the lock and camera they send, and the Amazon Delivery Service and unlock and leave your packages inside instead of outside.

This is a great idea to me. This helps eliminate the Amazon Thefts we all read out during the Holiday season, and adds a level of security to you.

It also has you start to have a Smart Home.

The lock and allowing others into your house has been used by a bunch of Air BnB services and other travel houses. Now you can make that jump too.

Install the Lock and Camera (or have someone do it for you) and off you go to have the next step of a Smart Home added to you.

This is awesome and I’ll leave you with Amazon’s Video they made!

Smart Home On!