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One of my favorite things to do is play games. Seriously, I built an entire table from scratch for nothing other then to play and store my many games.

I also know new parents and veteran parents who are looking for more fun to have with their young children.

So when Google Announced that the Assistant, Home and Mini would be able to play games…I had to investigate.

Google breaks it down into these categories:

  • Learn Together

Have fun with your family and little ones with quizzes or learn things together.

  1. Talk like a Chef (Hey Google, Play Talk like a Chef)
  2. CK-12 EDU Trivia (Hey Google, talk to CK-12)
  3. Space Trivia (Hey Google, play Space Trivia)
  4. Quiz (Hey Google, talk to
  5. Homework Help (Hey Google, help me with my homework)
  6. National Geographic Bee (Hey Google, talk to National Geographic Bee)
  7. Trivia Showdown (Hey Google, talk to Trivia Showdown)
  8. Math Showdown (Hey Google, talk to Math Showdown)
  9. Everyday Hero (Hey Google, Talk to Everyday Heroes)
  10. Talk Like an Astronaut (Hey Google, play Talk Like an Astronaut)
  11. Sporcle Junior (Hey Google, talk to Sporcle Junior)
  12. Planet Quiz (Hey Google, talk to Planet Quiz)
  13. Quizziz (Hey Google, talk to Quizzizz Student)
  14. Animal Trivia (Hey Google, play Animal Trivia)
  • Play Together

Have some digital fun with the family with these games, trivia and more!

  1. Musical Chairs (Hey Google, play Musical Chairs)
  2. Which DC Superhero are you most like? (Hey Google, what’s my Justice League superhero?)
  3. Disney’s Mickey Mouse Adventure (Hey Google, play Mickey Mouse Adventure)
  4. Sports Illustrated Kids: Sports Trivia (Hey Google, play Sports Illustrated Kids Trivia)
  5. Freeze Dance (Hey Google, play Freeze Dance)
  6. What’s Your Planet? (Hey Google, play What’s Your Planet?)
  7. What’s Your Inner Animal? (Hey Google, play What’s Your Inner Animal?)
  8. What Fruit Are You? (Hey Google, play What Fruit Are You?)
  9. What’s Your Nickname? (Hey Google, play What’s Your Nickname?)
  10. Sound Pet (Hey Google, play Sound Pet)
  11. This or That (Hey Google, play This or That)
  12. Guess the Sound (Hey Google, play Guess the Sound)
  13. Lucky Trivia for Families (Hey Google, play Lucky Trivia for Families)
  14. Lucky Trivia for Families:Sports Edition (Hey Google, play Family Sports Trivia)
  15. World Foods Trivia (Hey Google, play World Foods Trivia)
  16. Tricky Genie (Hey Google, talk to Tricky Genie)
  17. Voice Tic Tac Toe (Hey Google, talk to Voice Tic Tac Toe)
  18. Ding Dong Coconut (Hey Google, talk to Ding Dong Coconut)
  19. MadLibs (Hey Google, play MadLibs)
  • Imagine Together

Listen to classic stories, original tales and more aimed at families.

  1. The Tired Alien (Hey Google, tell me the story of The Tired Alien)
  2. The Not-So-Scardey Cat (Hey Google, tell me the story of The Not-So-Scaredy Cat)
  3. Tell Me a Story (Hey Google, tell me a story)
  4. Strangest Day Ever (Hey Google, play Strangest Day Ever)
  5. The Chef Who Loved Potatoes (Hey Google, tell me the story of The Chef Who Loved Potatoes)
  6. Story Champ (Hey Google, talk to Story Champ)
  7. Jungle Adventure (Hey Google, play Jungle Adventure)
  8. Play Kids (Hey Google, talk to PlayKids Junior)
  9. WebGuild Bedtime Stories (Hey Google, talk to Short Bedtime Story)

One of the coolest thing about this feature is you can make a Family Link account and give your children their own personalized experience.

They can then use their own Google Account to talk to and have the Google Assistant Listen to them.

I write this today in the hopes that you use it with your children and any child you may know. Me…I’ve already made Evie her own account and hopefully around Christmas her present will come in form Unca Trev. She might not be able to use it quite yet, but my sister will teach her.

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