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Over the past few weeks, a lot has happened. The main thing that struck me was a client asking me to get something “Off the Cloud.”

This brought around an entire conversation on a word I hate. BIG DATA.

This word drives me crazy. Each day I get complaints about companies and people looking into your data. I mean you can’t even turn on the news anymore without someone freaking out about Google, Apple, or Amazon and the data that they have. (On a side note I can’t help but think of the Episode HumancentiPad S.15, Ep. 1 of South Park, whenever I see this.)

When I was a teacher, and even now, I strive to have people say the correct things. So let me say this. Stop using BIG DATA. Instead use a more accurate word: SMART DATA.

Everything you have now talks to everything. Your cellphones microphone is always on. Have you ever wondered how your phone or Facebook feed knows about the restaurant you were just talking about?

People started unplugging their Amazon Echo’s and Google Home’s, because they were afraid of it hearing them. Isn’t the main function of those devices to listen for your voice?

If we start embracing SMART DATA, everything seems to fall into place. I’m a Google Local. My Pixel knows where and when I am. It links to my Google Rewards app and I get Google Play credit for answering questions about places.

My phone and computer’s Chrome browser are linked. I can switch between devices and check for things easily. My Amazon app does the same thing.

I can share my location with friends and family and even send them a way to see where I am as I travel.

People’s cars have WiFi and share location too. They track where you are,. Your Traffic updates on Google Maps, a Navigation system, or (shudders) Apple Maps…all get their data from other users transmitting this data to the cloud and satellites!

All of this is because of SMART DATA.

Change is hard. Trust me, I know this. I work in an industry where change is just now taking place. People are not happy about it. We call it “Who moved my cheese.”

Without these changes though, innovation cannot happen. Everyone was amazed with BlackBerry, then iPhone, now everything that Google does or makes (ignore the Pixel Buds). Innovation like this comes from a need and an answer.

Walt Disney said it best:

You don’t build it for yourself. You know what people want and you build it for them. -Walt Disney

So the next time someone says BIG DATA, change their perspective. Show the wonders we have and the amazing products we have thanks to SMART DATA.

I may be out there, but it will help.

I also know that these things can be used against us. This is the nature of a tool/technology. What is good can also be used for bad. But if we are SMART about it, it should be better.

Google On!

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