Google Mobile Apps

Video Messages!

Google Duo is a great tool that I use to talk to my Apple iOS and Android OS family and friends. It’s how I first was introduced to my niece Evie, and I love it. I mean I have written about it before, but today I have some fun new news! Duo has an awesome […]

Google Mobile Apps

Control your Ads Settings

Google is always trying to make browsing and our data as their primary target. They call it a top priority and it can be seen. Starting in 2009 with Ads Setting, then Why This Ad in 2011, then Mute This Ad in 2012, they are always trying to improve everything. They even rolled it all […]


Bill Protection on Project Fi

There have been different times that I have written about Project Fi. Each time I get to say something new and amazing. Today is nothing different. Google has announced Bill Protection, a new take on “unlimited data.” Now normally you pay for unlimited data and just go. But what about times that you don’t need […]

Coding Google Mobile Apps

It’s that time of year…

That’s Right! It is time for the Annual Google Santa Tracker! Head over to Santa’s Village to make some toys, clear snow off 23 elf homes, candy factories and the command center. While there you can download the Santa App, code a snowflake, Learn translations, enter the code lab, learn other holiday traditions, play present […]