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Broadcast your message

Google announced the ability to broadcast to all their Google Home Devices back on October 4th, 2017. Starting today, you can broadcast from your Google Assistant on your phone or voice-activated speaker (aka the Google Home). Just in time to for the holiday season and the rumored sales for Black Friday. So try some fun […]

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Hello World…

These words could have never been more true then today. Google added the support of 62 languages to Google Slides and Docs. They even included non-Latin scripts like Cyrillic and Devanagari. When you are typing in Docs or Slides, in the Fonts Menu, choose More Fonts. Here fonts will be suggested based on your document’s language. […]

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Welcome Amazon Key!

About two weeks ago my dad started asking about Smart Home features and Amazon Echos. What I gave him was 3 pages of detailed explanations of each Smart Home product. I enjoyed it, and I think he is still reading it as I type this. Today, October 25th, 2017, Amazon announce Amazon Key. It’s pretty […]

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Pay with Google

Google announced a new Google Payment API. Google always wants to be faster and make you faster. Now they added the “Pay with Google” button on any mobile website in Chrome or in any Android App. But where else can you use it? Well Google always tries to remember its roots. You can still use […]

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Google prompt primary choice

I’ve written about 2-Step Verification and the Google Prompt before. If you are a follower of my blog you also know that my company employs 2-step verification, as well as I do. Today Google announced that instead of having the text message sent to you as the primary 2-step method. Now the Google Prompt will […]

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iOS now paid for Opinion

One of my favorite Apps for Google is the Google Opinion Rewards app. I log in every so often and get the ability to answer questions about places and things I have done. Best part? I get paid to answer these questions. I have bought many apps over the years with my use of this […]

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Android Google Contacts get an update!

Google decided to update their Contacts App inside Android. Let’s check it out. Large photos are back! That is right, enough users complained, so Google brought them back. These photos are more vibrant and display larger. So make sure you have good pictures for your contacts! Action buttons under the photo make it easier to […]