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Play the Games

One of my favorite things to do is play games. Seriously, I built an entire table from scratch for nothing other then to play and store my many games. I also know new parents and veteran parents who are looking for more fun to have with their young children. So when Google Announced that the […]

Google Mobile Apps Smart Homes

Broadcast your message

Google announced the ability to broadcast to all their Google Home Devices back on October 4th, 2017. Starting today, you can broadcast from your Google Assistant on your phone or voice-activated speaker (aka the Google Home). Just in time to for the holiday season and the rumored sales for Black Friday. So try some fun […]

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Welcome Amazon Key!

About two weeks ago my dad started asking about Smart Home features and Amazon Echos. What I gave him was 3 pages of detailed explanations of each Smart Home product. I enjoyed it, and I think he is still reading it as I type this. Today, October 25th, 2017, Amazon announce Amazon Key. It’s pretty […]

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Let’s Get Spooky

One of the best things that I love is Cadbury Bunny Eggs…I mean Easter Eggs. I said Easter Eggs… By Easter Eggs I mean hidden things that coders and developers leave in their products. Google doesn’t disappoint this Halloween season. Here are a few things to Ask your Google Assistant. “OK Google, what should I be […]

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Someone’s in the Kitchen

I love to cook. One of my first blogs was a recipe blog. I cooked and used essential oils. It was fun. In my current home, I love using my Google Home from across the house. Mind you it isn’t a big house per say, and Google Home can hear me from almost everywhere in […]

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If This Then That

One of the biggest Holiday sales this year was Amazon Echo and Google Home. Since my household is a little weird…I have both…and a Dot. Now I love both of them and I enjoy using both for different things. Yet what if I could actually start doing what I want them to do? Enter IFTTT. […]

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On Hub to Wifi

I have been using Google’s OnHub for about a year now. I have loved it and even written about it here. Yesterday I got the message that OnHub was becoming Google Wifi…and I couldn’t be happier. Here are a few awesome things about this change: Google Wifi now makes a mesh network. This means they […]

Google Mobile Apps Smart Homes

Your new Assistant

Today was the Google October 4th event. One of the best things announced today is the Google Assistant. Google is focusing on mixing their software and their hardware. Their main push is to have a better integration and learning between the two. Enter AI or Machine Learning and the Google Assistant. Google spent a good […]